BOLD Project Receives Prestigious EEI Edison Award

On June 13, Edison Electric Institute (EEI) presented AEP Transmission with the 2017 Edison Award for its Robison Park–Sorenson (Indiana) project using the new Breakthrough Overhead Line Design (BOLD).

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Bold Build Video Preview

Efficiency Never Looked So Good™

BOLD (Breakthrough Overhead Line Design) is a compact, high-efficiency transmission technology created for the power grid of tomorrow.

of Bold

Maximum utilization of right-of-way

Increase power delivery capacity while minimizing structure heights. BOLD can provide up to 60% more capacity over existing assets being retired due to age.

Repurpose existing right-of-way

Need to move more power through existing corridors to step up in voltage? BOLD’s first real world application replaced a vintage 138-kV, double- circuit line with a double circuit, 345-kV/138-kV hybrid line without requiring acquisition of additional right-of-way.

improve siting & permitting

BOLD’s first application received very positive feedback from landowners. An international survey conducted by BOLD in 2015 confirmed the public’s preference for the BOLD design over conventional taller structures.

long distance transmission

The BOLD design can make long lines appear to perform like shorter ones in terms of stability. This means that you can deliver more power, more efficiently over long distances, which would traditionally require complex and costly equipment to do so.