The underlying technology in the BOLD design is as impressive as its appearance.

How It Works

BOLD’s patented design leverages physics to maximize electrical performance reducing inductance and impedance while increasing capacitance.

Testing &

Millions of simulations and tests have supported early assumptions from AEP’s engineering team about BOLD’s unique performance characteristics.

Burndy lab

Manchester, NH

Spacer-damper mechanical testing

Epri Lab

Lenox, MA

Single-phase corona cage testing

Three-phase power frequency testing (wet and dry corona & audible noise)

Lightning performance

Switching performance


Bucharest, Romania

Lattice structure testing facility

HPS lab

Wadsworth, OH

Single-phase insulator and hardware assembly power frequency testing


Toronto, ON

Spacer-damper mechanical testing


Valley, Nebraska

Full-scale structure testing

Electrical Tests EPRI-min
Valmont Structural Testing-min

Bold Benefits

Higher Capacity

Significant increases in power delivery capability while avoiding complexities and costs of series compensation

More Efficient

Maximum right-of-way utilization and low-impedance bundled conductors, lower line losses

Less Community Impact

Simple, elegant, low-profile design that reduces structure heights along with electromagnetic field levels


What Does It Mean?

When we say efficiency we mean a lot of different things, from limiting energy losses to reusing right-of-way by replacing old transmission lines with more capable BOLD lines instead of siting additional lines. 

  • Smaller environmental footprint
  • Ability to increase voltage without additional right of way acquisition
  • Decreased energy losses

Magnetic Field Mitigation

Conventional 345kV

Magnetic Field Profile at 1000 MVA Per Circuit Super Bundle Arrangement (A-B-C/A-B-C)

BOLD 345kV

Magnetic Field Profile at 1000 MVA Per Circuit Super Bundle Arrangement (A-B-C/A-B-C)

Magnetic Field Intensity(mG)

emf-5 emf-4 emf-3 emf-2 emf-1