BOLD® technology can help legislators and regulators create a more resilient, modern transmission system that better fits with the desires of their constituents.


Policy Resources:
1. NARUC National Resolution. Adopted 2016.

2. Council of State Governments National Resolution. Adopted 2016.

3. CSG-South Policy Position. Adopted 2016. 

4. CSG-Midwest Resolution. Adopted 2016.

5. CSG-West Resolution. Adopted 2016.

6. Southern States Energy Board Resolution. Adopted 2016. 

7. Montana Resolution. Adopted 2017.

8. Arkansas Resolution. Adopted 2017.

9. Louisiana Resolution. Adopted 2017. 

10. CSG Capitol Ideas magazine Johnson/Sloan article. June 2017.

11. Advanced Electric Transmission Fact Sheet. July 2017.

12. Draft points for policymakers to introduce resolutions complemented with NARUC Session illustrative videos, fact sheet, other information.

13. PowerPoint. August 16, 2016 Council of State Governments eCademy Webcast. Building the Grid of the Future: How Legislators Can Bring Advanced Transmission Technologies to Their States. Co-presented by Kansas Representative Tom Sloan and AEP/BOLD’s Evan Wilcox.

14. NY PSC Order Excerpt. December 17, 2015 Order Finding Transmission Needs Driven By Public Policy Requirements. Appendix B Criteria to NY ISO to evaluate transmission solutions.

15. AEP’s BOLD® Response to New Industry Challenges. Authored by Richard Gutman and Meihuan Zhu Fulk. Article published October 26, 2015 in Transmission and Distribution World magazine.

16. Example of state policy expediting transmission siting approval when an existing Right of Way is used. Kansas 66-1, 182.

17. NARUC New Transmission Technology July 18, 2017 Session videos and PowerPoints.

Resource persons for BOLD® and public policies enabling technology deployment:

Dave Rupert, NARUC Session presenter, Vice President of Business Development, BOLD® Transmission LLC, +1.614.716.2529.

Paul Loeffelman, Director, Corporate US External Affairs and Head of Corporate International Affairs, American Electric Power Company, +1.614.716.1243.