BOLD’s initial 345-kV transmission design utilized a 3-954 ACSR Cardinal conductor bundle on tubular steel poles and a smoothly curved crossarm.

Bold 345-kV

BOLD’s initial design was a double-circuit 345-kV 3-bundle tubular steel monopole structure. BOLD’s ability to deliver more transmission capability over distance, provide aesthetic advantages and fit more easily into tight right-of-ways led AEP to introduce BOLD  for the first time in an existing 138-kV corridor with a tower-for-tower line rebuild project.  With the need to maintain a 138-kV circuit while adding a new, high-capacity 345-kV circuit in the same corridor, BOLD satisfied the system reliability needs while receiving positive feedback from the community.


The engineering team at AEP saw additional opportunities after the initial design and have expanded the BOLD 345-kV product suite to include lattice towers, single-circuit designs and multiple conductor bundle options.