BOLD® is constantly active raising awareness of the technology with new projects breaking ground.

Bold® Projects

BOLD® technology is now at work on real world transmission lines. AEP’s Robison Park-Sorenson line was energized in November 2016 near Ft. Wayne, Indiana, using a hybrid double-circuit 345-kV/138-kV BOLD® line. A second line will be energized in summer 2017 and several others are in planning.

Delaware – West Del 138-kV Rebuild

Muncie, Indiana

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Jug Street – Corridor Rebuild

New Albany, Ohio

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AEP Robison Park — Sorenson Rebuild

Fort Wayne, Indiana

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BOLD® is innovative and attractive, and you don’t have to just take our word for that. A number of industry associations found BOLD® to have both a winning design and technology.

Press & Media

Interest in BOLD has driven ongoing presentations and media highlights